Wide kingdom NAP is in effect between all alliances of K187 during the fifth stage of Kingdom Raid!

▪Outside KE-
-peace from end of ke to beginning of next ke.
-may attack tagless accounts, attacking tagged players is off limits, unless it is your own farm.
-only fighting allowed is during Active War Declaration.
-must provide proof of violations in the leaders room.
-violators of the peacetime rule for attacking applies to tagged and tagless players and any violations are subject to be zeroed no matter what tags the violator joins. If anyone in the alliance reinforces the punished member, it will be seen as the whole alliance supporting the actions of that member and subject to the whole alliance being burned.
-first person marching to a resource tile gets claim on tile. If you march on a tile that someone else is already going to, this is considered tile hitting and you will need to recall.
-Everything in alliance green lines (tagless castles, beasts, red guards, tiles) is considered as owned by corresponding alliance.
▪War Declarations-
-only can be made by r5 of the declaring alliance.
-must announce in kc, leaders room, and email r5 of the alliance being declared on. Must include the reasoning.
-war may only last for 48 hours.
-buildings and tiles may be hit under the declaration. (Including deconstruction of buildings)
– cannot declare war during ultimate alliance campaign.
▪During KE-
-alliance buildings are off limits

KvK/kvk alliances should not be involved in any KE activity.

▪Kill on Sight (KOS)-

– Alliances and dedicated players which can be attacked out of KE

Current KOS list: ASG, 405, CbK 503WestSіde503, IRoshi, Dunkman

▪KvK alliance-

KE/KVK- The KvK/kvk alliances are exempt from ke. This means no attacking KvK/kvk tags or attacking from KvK/kvk tags during the duration of ke. The ONLY exception to this rule is when receiving resources for healing or training back troops during the KVK battle.

Any NAP violations against KvK or kvk alliance tags will recieve the punishment of being zeroed by alliance leader or other capable member of the kingdom. Restitution payment is not longer accepted for violations against these tags.

When KVK is over (meaning throne is shielded or the leader has admitted defeat), there is a 4 hour time gap of peace for all fighters who joined KvK to go back to their corresponding home alliances.

The R2 and R4 accounts remaining in KvK alliance are full time accounts and remain under KvK protection.

During Peace Period- Players are encouraged to join KvK alliance to assist with alliance research. You may bring farms or main accounts. You may clear your farms in the KvK alliance during the peace period only after you send an alliance wide email in KvK alliance first.